My name is Amy Jane Nosal (she/her) and I am a yoga instructor living in Ironwood, Michigan, within the treaty-ceded territories of Ojibwe tribes.  Having explored various forms of yoga and meditation practices for over ten years, I became a certified and registered yoga instructor in 2020.  I've trained with Yoga North in Duluth, Minnesota to study SomaYoga, a practice which blends classic yoga and Somatics for therapeutic outcomes.  

Home Body Yoga is an evolving exploration into practices of gentle movement and kind presence.  May we weave threads of curious practice to know home within ourselves.    

Hombody: one whose life centers on home (noun; Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

home body: A publication of poems and drawings by Rupi Kaur (2020; Contains references to sexual and physical abuse)

i dive into the well of my body

and end up in another world

everything i need

already exists in me

there’s no need

to look anywhere else

– home

Language is an evolving, collective expression of the physical and beyond.  It is the nature of language to change and consequently change how we see and relate to the world.  

I am one of many individuals inspired by and grateful for the creations of Rupi Kaur.  In creating a pause between home and body, there is an invitation to deeply reflect on the relationship between the two.  This can be confusing and uncomfortable at times, and ultimately liberating as we embrace the opportunities to claim right relationships with ourselves and each other.

Services Offered

Studio instruction

Private sessions

Community events

Private events

SomaYoga is a form of asana (physical posture) practice which blends classic yoga and Somatics for therapeutic outcomes.  That is, to feel more ease in our bodies!  

Classic yoga is studied within an 8-limb framework and includes breathing, meditation, ethics, awakening and oneness.

Somatics is about re-educating different muscle and muscle groups in our body and how we control them.  

Past Classes and Events

June Pride 2022
SomaYoga Winter 2022

Resources for Learning and Community

Practicing yoga and exploring wellness is both an individual and community endeavor.  Below are a few of the folks that I enjoy learning from.

Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn (1990, revised and updated 2013)

Somatics by Thomas Hanna (1988)

The Art of Holding Space by Heather Plett (2020)

The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor (2018)

Gogebic Yoga, online SomaYoga classes and community led by Anna Wakefield, often in partnership with Ali Zuba of SOMALIVE

Serene1yoga, a variety of classes available periodically across the Gogebic Range by Serena Mershon Lohkamp

Rooted Soul Yoga Studio in Mercer, Wisconsin hosted by Amanda Easter