Amy Jane Nosal

 Yoga Instructor

May we weave threads of curious practice to know home within ourselves.

Current Offerings

Spring can be a particularly meaningful time to check into ourselves...  

Experience how SomaYoga can uplift your body, mind and spirit this March and April as Home Body Yoga LLC introduces $20 1-hour private SomaYoga sessions at NRG Fitness!

Private SomaYoga sessions entail 1:1 instruction and personalized reference materials.  The session dates and times are decided in a brief, 15 minute consultation held over the phone or Zoom.  

It is not necessary to have your own yoga props or prior experience.  Home Body Yoga & NRG Fitness have you covered, come as you are!

Contact Amy by email or phone 906-675-1213 to schedule your private session consultation. 

NRG Fitness is located at 174 E Michigan Ave in Ironwood, Michigan 49938, with parking in the back of the building.

"Amy's yoga sessions...have been so helpful for my mind and body. I am now able to incorporate the motion and poses learned into my daily activities...helping my hips and back tremendously. I am also more at peace, relaxed yet energized, and sleeping better." - 2023 student review